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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the percentage in my tank? 
To find out how much gas is in your propane tank, simply raise the hood and look for a dial gauge. The gauge is typically held in place by four bolts and displays increments ranging from 5% to 95%. Although the exact location of the gauge may vary from tank to tank, it will always be located under the tank hood. The needle will point to a number indicating the exact percentage in your propane tank.  
How long does it take to make a propane delivery? 
Normally, all orders are delivered within three business days. Same day or immediate delivery is available, but with a nominal fee.

How much will gas cost in the next few months? 
Because propane is a commodity like gasoline, the market price changes constantly. It is difficult and even impossible to accurately forecast prices. To avoid this volatility, please consider our Pre-Purchase program. 

What do I do if I think I have a gas leak? 
If you think you smell gas, leave the building immediately without operating light switches, telephones, or any other electronic device. Shut off the propane tank, and call Gaile’s Propane immediately from a neighbor’s or outside phone.  

What areas does Gaile’s service? 
Gaile’s Propane is proud to serve all of Morgan, Johnson, and Brown Counties as well as portions of Greene, Lawrence, Owen, Bartholemew, Monroe, and Shelby Counties. 

How long will a tank of propane last? 
Although we can calculate an expected usage rate with our computers, it is very difficult to determine with full certainty. The amount of gas used by a customer is extremely unique to that customer. Factors such as the size of one’s home, the amount of insulation in the home, the number of persons living in the home, and the number of propane appliances in the home can cause extreme variations in the amount of gas used. The best formula is to check your tank percentage on a regular basis.  

What does Gaile’s require for a delivery if I own my own tank? 
Customers who own their own tank must set up an account with Gaile’s propane before services can be rendered. Given the current legal restrictions, proof of ownership of the tank is also required.  

Why do I have to provide my driver’s license when setting up an account? 
This requirement is ENTIRELY for the protection of our customers. It lets us know that you are indeed the person who wishes to open an account, and that your credit and other personal information has not been stolen.  

Do I have to be there when a tank is installed on my property?   
Yes. This helps us to make the installation exactly as you would like it, and to place the tank where you would prefer it to be. In addition, our technicians may have important questions about the location of your septic system, underground lines or pipes, and the general layout of your property.  

Do I have to be at home during a scheduled safety inspection? 
Yes. Much of the safety inspection includes a pressurization test, which will require access to certain appliances.  

When can I get on the Budget program? 
The initial Budget program starts on June 1st. Customers who are interested in the program should call in a week or two before that date to make arrangements. 

Can Gaile’s hold my check for a few days or accept a post-dated check? 
We are prevented by law from accepting post-dated checks, nor can we hold a check for any length of time. All checks will be deposited the next banking day.  

If I sign up for the Budget program, am I also signed up for the Courtesy Fill program? 
No. The Budget program only affects your method of payment. Although Courtesy Fill is an option for many budget customers, it is a separate selection that you may choose at your convenience.