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Personal Checks
Payment and Delivery Options
We accept personal checks at our office or by mail.  We have a payment drop box at our office for use after regular business hours.    
Gaile's Propane is dedicated to serving our customers.  One of the most important ways we serve our customers is through flexible and simple payment and delivery options.

Here are some of the many options offered by Gaile's Propane.
Credit Cards
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover payments in person or by telephone.  Scheduled credit card payments can also be arranged.
Cash or Money Order
We accept all types of money orders and of course, cash.
Pay on Delivery
Many customers prefer to pay in full at the time of delivery or soon after.  A customer choosing this option must pay for a delivery in full within 30 days to avoid interest charges.  
Budget Billing
Some customers prefer to make smaller monthly payments rather than paying a lump sum.  In the Budget program we can calculate a structured monthly payment based on your propane usage, and spread the cost out over time without interest..
Many customers choose to pre-purchase their gas in advance.  This enables the customer to buy propane when the price is low and have it delivered at a later time (Usually when the price is higher).  
Courtesy Fill
Courtesy Fill simply means that we will fill your propane tank on an appropriate schedule to make sure you do not run out of propane.  
Will Call
Customers that choose the Will Call option will only receive deliveries when they specifically request it.  In other words, it is up to the customer to monitor the amount of propane in their tank and to contact us when they want a delivery.
Summer Fill
Every year we will inform you of our Summer Fill promotion.  This means scheduling a delivery (usually during the summer months when prices are low) to take advantage of reduced rates.  Courtesy Fill customers will be filled automatically during this promotion.
Methods of Payment
Payment Schedule Options
Delivery Options
Be sure to order propane before your tank gets below 30% to avoid outages